Congratulations on purchasing your Breath Blueprint Facilitator License.

Please print out the License Agreement below and return it to [email protected] with your signature.

Upon receipt, I will add my signature and return a final copy to you. Once you have submitted the signed Agreement, you may use The Breath Blueprint Program in accordance with the terms below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

The B.R.E.A.T.H. Blueprint™ program consists of six simple steps connecting participants to the Power, Presence and Possibilities of living in the moment, as illustrated in our blueprint design:

Terms and Restrictions

I- Your one-time licensing fee gives you rights to use The Breath Blueprint material as many times as you want, while keeping 100% of your revenue. Your licensing agreement is activated as of February 12, 2015.  Until then, you are welcome to participate in the Live Breath Blueprint Program taught by Veronica Parker (at no additional charge) from January 15, 2015-February 24, 2015.

II-  The following licensing statement: “This program/meditation/podcast is based on The Breath Blueprint Program created by Veronica Parker.  Content from this program is used with permission under The Breath Blueprint Facilitator License”.

Must be included:

  • In all written publicity materials, including but not limited to flyers, sales letters, invitations, and online programs & descriptions.
  • Verbally, at the onset of the workshop, class, or event.
  • In all physical or downloadable handouts, agendas, worksheets, or other companion materials.

III-  You may sell the packaged Breath Blueprint Program or the Belief Busting Meditations (used as recorded by Veronica Parker, without alterations) and podcasts separately.

IV-  These is an online sale license only, and not a license to publish or print offline. This license extends to both physical, in-person engagements as well as live events held virtually via tele-class, chat room, or webinar.

V-  You may not use The Breath Blueprint material to create products and merchandise based on the program, including but not limited to, card packs, calendars, posters, home goods, stationery, gift items, and the like. This restriction extends to both hard goods and downloadable merchandise.

VI- Material from The Breath Blueprint Program may not be re-published, reprinted, or repurposed in any print format; this includes but is not limited to, books, anthologies, collections, textbooks, booklets, articles, magazines, workbooks, pamphlets, eBooks, or any other published, non-live format, including other publishing rights not specifically enumerated herein, whether now in existence or hereafter coming into existence, in all media and forms.

VII- There is no restriction to the price you charge for any of the materials, program, workshops, classes or events.

VIII-  The courses may be altered with advance permission from Veronica Parker. Simply write at [email protected]  with "License alteration request" in the subject line, and in your email, briefly describe your plans.

IX-  You can write your own sassy sales copy, but you cannot make misrepresentations or false claims of any kind.

X- This license may not be transferred to another party, and you may notextend this license under any circumstances to any other party.

Please sign below and return to [email protected] to activate your license.

I have read the above Breath Blueprint License Terms, and agree to them inclusively.

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